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Submitted on
July 26, 2011


Working on a little revision of my theme ;)

Hope to finish & upload it this Thursday night or Friday :)

-Minor bug fixes
-Full glass version included

Last minute suggestions are welcome. Hope this time I could earn some favorites :)

Stay tuned...
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Don't Give Up!
This is such an awesome theme, I love it! Awesome work! Could you please tell me where I can get the tile icons from? Thanks.
oliver182 Jul 29, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Hi , thanks!!, sure [link]
Also I wanted to ask, how do you install the icons? Thanks.
X-DS1125 Jul 27, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
I have some suggestions as well,

1.- Try using completely squared windows, not rounded square windows, this will add a cleaner look to the window.

2.- Whether you use rounded or square windows by using simple black squares with opacity for the menu or the windows, try adding adding the 2 outlines (white and black) around the menu, taskbar or windows so the borders can look like W7 taskbar, menu or windows, so it can fit properly with the blur background of the window.

3.- The shell-style you are using for this VS doesn't fits entirely with the window so when exploring the shell-style's BMP with the word "files" at the top is cut so it reads "file" with half "s" at the end, you can try to modify the shell with an image where the word "files" is located a little more to the left, so this doesn't happens.

4.- The start orb (start button) is pixelated, could be due to wrong resolution sizing, try playing a little bit in Photoshop with this start orb's resolution until it looks clean, I will recommend you for this start orb using a value of 72 on the resolution at Photoshop.

5.- On the menu (at the bottom) where the button "Search Programs" is located on this VS is barely readable and not to mention it isn't right positioned, try positioning the white (almost gray) background correctly and change font color to black, or switch this almost gray button background to different color, so the words "Search Programs" are readable.

I do still have several suggestions to make you, however I have considered just the 5 most important ones, you can send me a note if you need help or more suggestions, or you have any doubt.

Now I believe if you follow this 5 suggestions you can level up this VS.

Take care,
Good luck with this VS,
Deisler Smith.
oliver182 Jul 27, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Hey thanks for your suggestions :)

1&2. Ok
3. Thats how its supposed to look like, take a look to Windows Phone 7 OS ;)
4.I'll see what I can do
5.About the color you are right, I can only change the background but the font color would mess with other locations, so thats not possible, about the position I can't fix that, its a side effect of adding blur to the hole start menu

Thank you!!!
X-DS1125 Jul 27, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Sure you are welcome,

3.- I know this is the way it should be supposed to look, I owned an LG Optimus phone with WP7 and I didn't like it so I replace it with an Android phone, that's why i'm telling you how it should look, but I'm just suggesting you to move the word "files" a little bit to the left so it can look just like WP7's, because on Windows Phone 7 the text at the right top isn't cut and in here the word "s" of files appears in half.

5.- That's why I suggest to change the background because I know that if you change the font color then this the color for the other else.
CAB20 Jul 27, 2011  Student Artist
Hola amigo tengo 2 sugerencias:

1º_Quizás le puedas cambiar el color de letra porque no se mira muy bien [link]

2º_También quizás le puedas cambiar el color al Winrar a un color blanco para que pueda quedar mejor [link]

Bueno esas son mis sugerencias no es por molestar ni nada solo quiero que te quede perfecto este tema tan excelente. Cualquier otra sugerencia te la estaré contando. :hooray: :D
oliver182 Jul 27, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Hola gracias por tus sugerencias!!!

1° Ya corregi ese detalle ;)

2° Vere que puedo hacer, no se si la UI de winrar depende del tema

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